This webinar was presented on May 20, 2014 by Myers & Stauffer, the audit firm retained by the State of TN to conduct the SFY2011 DSH audit. This recording displays the slides that were shown during the audit and plays the sound of the presenters.

You may choose to print out the presentation file (available below) and follow along with this recording, making notes. And/or you may choose to download the sample survey files (available below) to review as you follow along with this recording.


Sample Survey

These three files are an EXAMPLE of the DSH audit survey that will be distributed by Myers & Stauffer. Please note that these files are provided as an EXAMPLE only and are not to be completed and submitted. You should complete and submit the survey provided directly to you by Myers & Stauffer.


These three files are provided by CMS to guide the DSH audit process. They are:

The guidance provided by Myers & Stauffer should be sufficient for you to complete your response for the 2011 DSH audit. These files are provided for background only.

The following is an amendment to the State Plan that was made in September 2011 that addresses redistribution of DSH funding beginning with the 2011 audit cycle

FAQ Updated 5/23/2014

FAQ coming soon.