Myers and Stauffer recently created a new presentation explaining the Medicaid DSH Audit process for the SFY 2016 audit that is currently underway. The narrated presentation includes an overview of the CMS audit policy, a detailed review and explanation of the data required for the audit and an explanation of changes in place for 2016. The presentation also provides a recap of prior year audits and includes a Frequently Asked Questions segment.

Click the link below to view the presentation.


The following file contains the Uninsured Definition Final Rule:

These three files are provided by CMS to guide the DSH audit process. They are:

The guidance provided by Myers & Stauffer should be sufficient for you to complete your response for the 2012 DSH audit. These files are provided for background only.

The following is an amendment to the State Plan that was made in September 2011 that addresses redistribution of DSH funding beginning with the 2011 audit cycle